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Dry Herb And Wax Atomizers - The New 420 Evolution

OK Vape Nation, So you enjoy a little THC or CBD from time to time,,DITTO!!! With the modern world’s every changing and increasing pace you need to unwind once in a while.

If you have your mod and tank for your E-Liquid, why not get a Dry Herb or Wax Atomizer for your mod to enjoy THC or CBD delivery as well as your favourite E-liquid.

What is a dry herb atomizer?

A dry herb atomizer is a vaporizer tank designed for Cannabis. All work a little differently, but each has a few common attributes. Dry herb tanks are powered by regular vape mods through their 510 connection. All Dry Herb and Wax tanks have a heating element to provide heat to your herb. Some Dry Herb and Wax tanks contain regular coils, whereas others utilize coil-less heating systems. They allow you to dial in your preferred temperature setting using a variable wattage mode.

Some of them are all-in-one units that include a battery designed specifically for that atomizer. They don’t require you to own a mod or know anything about adjusting the wattage. All in all, Dry Herb and Wax Atomizer tanks are a nice alternative method to cannabis consumption from your typical bowls and joints.

So how to use a dry herb vaporizer tank?

If you follow these steps below, you for sure will have a much smoother experience.

  • Attach your dry herb atomizer tank to your regular E-Liquid mod’s 510 connector.
  • Grind up your Cannabis
  • Fill up your Dry Herb and Wax tank with the herb or Wax/Shatter/BHO/Concentrates of your choice
  • Turn on your device and set to the required/preferred setting.
  • Hold the fire button for 2-3 seconds first to heat up the herb, and then inhale.
  • If the heat is too much, the best option is to pulse the fire button on and off whilst inhaling the herb vapor.
  • If it’s not hitting hard enough, gradually raise the wattage.
  • If it's too much vapor or too strong of a hit for you, Decrease the wattage
  • After a few hits, use a dab tool to gently stir the cannabis and check if all the product has been vaporized.
  • Once you have completed your session, make sure empty and dispose of all of the vaporized product.
  • Clean the tank as often as you can. Isopropyl alcohol at 99%, a little coarse salt for abrasion, and a few Q-Tips is a cheap and effective option for cleaning your tank.

What are the advantages of Dry Herb and Wax Atomizers?

  • It's discreet!
  • If you have your E-Liquid mod all ready it is an inexpensive option
  • Almost all are adaptable to fit your mod
  • Adjustable wattage options
  • A way better terpene/flavor production to combustion
  • No butane ignition needed

Are there any disadvantages of Dry Herb and Wax Atomizers?

  • It can get quite hot if used multiple times in a short period of time
  • Takes a little time to learn and set up to find that "Sweet Spot"
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning is a must
  • Most do require an existing mod to function

So are they the right choice for you?

Dry herb and Wax atomizers are for sure the best way to transform any mod into a portable vaporizer. They are reasonably priced and can be swapped out with your everyday tanks in no time at all.

As long as you take good care of your dry herb or wax atomizer it should last a very long time. 

So what types of of dry herb or wax atomizer would we recommend?

Many are out there but some reign far more superior than the rest. Below are some of the top dry herb and wax atomizers available on the market today.


1. Sub Herb Tank by Mig Vapor $44.99
Ever thought of occasionally switching from your regular e-juice sub-ohm tank to a sub-herb tank that doesn't just burn your herb but actually heats it up to a perfect vaporizing point so that you enjoy the full flavor of your blend? Look no further because Mig Vapor just introduced a brilliant Sub-Herb Tank that can function with your current sub-ohm vaping gear. 
The Sub-herb tank features a gold plated 510 connector, and a ceramic plate with no exposed heating element that holds a good amount of dry herb, and heats up your blend almost instantly. It also offers excellent airflow. 

2. Sai Wax And Oil Atomizer By Humboldt Vape Tech $53.99

Humboldt Vape Tech's Sai Atomizer is a 22mm herbal concentrate vaporizer attachment with a large bore drip tip and splash guard, with adjustable airflow and 510 connection. A dual twisted kanthal coil with black ceramic post rated for 15 - 25W is included, capable of clearing a dab in one hit!

The Sai Atomizer is designed for use with wax, shatter, or other (semi) solid zero residue herbal extracts, and should not be used with low viscosity oils. If product isn't thick enough, airflow channels at the bottom of the coil will allow it to run through into the atomizer base, and out the airflow.

3. Incendio Tank By Vivant $29.99

Vivant is proud to introduce the Incendio™ Tank powered by Firecore™ - a revolutionary heat source using an electrical trace placed inside an SiO2 cup, allowing for an all silica glass surface to vaporize material cleanly anywhere and anytime. Maintenance of the tank is as easy as wiping off debris from the smooth surface of the crystal. Compatible with standard 510 threading, the Incendio™ Tank can be used on your favorite mod. Combine the tank with additional accessories for a custom vaping experience. INCENDIO – energize the crystal, summon the fire. 

We hope this blog has provided you with the required information on the Dry Herb or Wax Atomizers. And remember if in doubt give us a shout!! We are hear for you and always here to help. 



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