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Nicotine Salt (or Nic Salt) is the naturally occurring state of nicotine found in tobacco. Bigger isn't always better. Many love the feeling, flavor, and cloud production of a high vegetable glycerin eJuice in a sub-ohm tank. Cloud Chasers always reaching for that FAT CLOUD!! But for the vape nation that are only interested in nicotine consumption, using high vegetable glycerin based eJuice is awesome to see and experience but certainly not practical for everybody.

Near everyone in the vape nation started vaping as a means of quitting smoking. Realizing that 4 super safe ingredients counter hit the 500+ nasty and deadly chemical’s that you find in cigarettes (That you do not want to anywhere near let alone inhale) Slowly graduating to bigger 100+ watt devices and Bigger tanks. However this is not a necessity. Unfortunately  this means the majority of the vape nation who prefer a smaller, cheaper, and a more discreet vaporizer will have to settle for a vape pen that will probably not be the most pleasant overall experience! Or spending large quantities of money and navigate a small supercomputer. 

Do Not Fear!!! Nicotine Salts, is the solution. The answer for some of the vape nation out there. So let's have a look into this new innovation and see What, Where and Who it will be suitable for in the vape nation.


Nicotine Salts VS Freebase Nicotine

There's a difference between “Freebase" nicotine used in e-liquids and the newer Nicotine Salts that is quickly gaining popularity. It is this difference that, not only separates the two but also creates an entirely different and unique vape experience.

To better understand Nicotine Salts, If we compare Nicotine Salts with freebase nicotine. Freebase is the purest form of nicotine and is the go to for most eJuice manufacturers. This nicotine solution is simply added to a mixture of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) which "carry" the nicotine with them when vaped. It's also used in nicotine replacement options like Nicotine gum, Nicotine patches, Nicotine spray etc. 

Freebase Nicotine has been the The regular nicotine found in cigarettes for many many years. If Freebased Nicotine is paired with ammonia it will delivered a significantly larger amount of nicotine. Since the vape nation is trying a new and equally effective nicotine replacement in vape juices, it makes sense that the best form available.



Nicotine Salts

Now that we've established that Freebase nicotine is, Nicotine in it’s purest form. If so then why would the Vape Nation want something that's not as inherently effective? This is where chemistry comes into play.

Nicotine in tobacco leaves has the chemical composition of a salt. A salt is made up of a chemical reaction that has a positive charge (Acid), and negative charge (Base).

So nicotine’s chemical nature is a weak base and made up of negatively charged particles. As a base, it seeks to find positively charged particles (Protons) to find stability and become ionized. Nicotine in tobacco leaves, or ions is not the most effective way of delivering nicotine into our bodies because ions have a harder time moving across organic membranes, and are not easily vaporized.

This is where freebase nicotine comes into play. Scientists found that if the nicotine was de-protonated (via ammonia), removing its positive charge, it could go back to its free state where it became much easier to travel across the membranes in our bodies!! So to summarize nicotine in its freebase form increases its bioavailabilty to your lungs, and subsequently to your brain, which makes it more potent, and addictive.

Impregnating the tobacco plant with a salt like Diammonium Phosphate, releases ammonium when the cigarette was combusted, thereby transforming the nicotine into freebase form.


What are Nicotine Salts?

Nicotine salts are comprised of the same exact nicotine that's found in its natural state within the tobacco leaf!! If this form of nicotine is added to the liquid that we vape, The Vape Nation would have to set this at extremely high temperatures to vape for the nicotine solution to be effective, and it wouldn't be as easily bioavailable (absorption) as freebase nicotine. However, just like freebase nicotine, Nicotine salts need to be modified as well. This is where benzoic acid comes into play.

Let's go back to Chemistry school!!

Don't panic it's been many years since Beakers, Bunsen burners and Frog dissection!!! I hear you loud and clear so nice and simply we will go with pH levels and alkalinity. Freebase nicotine has a higher pH, which leads to increased alkalinity (Base). This dramatic increase in alkaline and causes a harsher throat-hit, thus causing people to vape at smaller amounts than they may need.

Benzoic acid has the opposite effect. It lowers the pH levels of nicotine, reducing alkalinity in the process. The end result is a much smoother vaping experience. 

Because of this the vape nation can now vape at much lower temperatures in cheap vape pens and E-Cigarettes with higher concentrations of nicotine.
So for example a vape juice mixed with nicotine salts – while less potent – can reach nicotine levels as high as 50mg!! So if you attempt vaping something like that in a sub-ohm tank with a PG mixture the hit will be extreme and for sure you will be feeling the burn in your lungs!!

So what are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Nicotine Salts??

Nicotine Salts do for sure have pros and cons. However, what some of the vape nation see as a disadvantage other members of the vape nation will see this as in fact as an advantage. What on earth am I on about?? Well lets explain shall we.


Nicotine Salt Advantages

  • Nicotine Rush Satisfaction: Many of the Vape Nation who try the regular conventional E-Liquids for the first time often find that they don't get the same satisfactory rush or kick from their nicotine. Also, it may not be strong enough to satisfy.
  • Smoother nicotine hit: Many potential members of the vape nation are turned off by a vape experience because of conventional e-liquids being too harsh on the throat, and nicotine is the reason for this. Tobacco companies use anesthetics like menthol or eugenol to mask the nicotine harshness. Vape juices do not do this, so the smoother feeling of nicotine salt E-Liquids makes a huge difference.
  • Less flavor: Members of the Vape Nation (Like Myself) kicked the nasty cigarettes and now prefer 0mg or nicotine free eJuice may notice a marked difference in flavor, despite vaping the same product. Simply because freebase nicotine affects the liquid's overall flavor. Nicotine Salts have next-to-no effect in this area, leading to a richer more enjoyable vaping experience.
  • Way more cheaper: As great as mod devices are these days you get a real bang for your buck but let's be honest to have an efficient sub-ohm tank or box mod is significantly more expensive than a little vape pen. As well as the many premium e-liquids that go into the vape pen. If all you need is an inexpensive and discreet vaping experience that helps you get just the right amount of nicotine, then Nicotine salts are 100% for you.

Are there any disadvantages

  • Nicotine Salts are just too much for some: For sure members of the vape nation who are used to high and heavy nicotine levels will for sure need a heavy hit of nicotine, this obviously is not the same for lighter nicotine vapers of the vape nation can make do in the 3-12mg nicotine range. This is also the sweet spot for sub-ohm devices. And so members of the vape nation can use smooth, high-VG e-juices in a sub-ohm tank and will have no issues with the experience.
  • Range fewer options: Absolutely Nicotine salts are limited because you'll generally have to stick to Pods or Pens. The more traditional mods and sub-ohm tanks allow for nearly endless tank/mod combinations, Allowing for a unique cloud production and flavor experiences. And don't forget multiple coil combinations and styles for members of the Vape Nation who are more advanced with rebuildable atomizers.
  • It is a lower fun factor: A great way to describe freebase juices compared to nicotine salts is Sports Car vs. Smart Car. Nicotine salts are the perfect choice if you need a strong dose of nicotine and prefer a more cigarette-like experience. 

So are Nicotine Salts Right for You?

Only you will know the answer!! I hope this blog has given you some ideas to help you with a final decision Best way to decide if Nicotine Salts are the best option for you moving forward I think this set of questions will help make that decision.
  • Am I a heavy smoker? Do I smoke one or more packs a day?
  • Do I want a more genuine smoking experience, or something new?
  • Will I want smooth vapor and high nicotine?
  • Do I need a stronger or more subtle nicotine rush (kick)? 
  • Is discretion important, or are massive clouds my thing?
  • How much money do I initially want to spend?

So in summary, starting off with a small device and using nicotine salts is the best option, and you can always switch to high VG - low nicotine sub-ohm device as you transition off and start to branch out. So it's better understand with a simple vaporizer before changing up and navigating through the different types of coils, tanks, settings etc.

And remember if in doubt give us a shout!! We are hear for you and always here to help




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