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Are you ready for the new way to vape?? Vaping is changing!!

For a many years, e-cigarettes just kept getting bigger. We had vape pens, from vape pens to tube mods, from tube mods to box mods, and since then the box mods with more and more power. When will this upgrade climb cease???

With bigger devices, you can vape for longer without charging and put out fat clouds, both of which are massive bonus for most of the Vape Nation these days. You can pair this sort of setup with a high vegetable glycerin and low nicotine eJuice and still be satisfied when it comes to that throat hit and getting the nicotine rush you’re looking for.

Now pod systems have turned this all upside down. Pods systems are now portable, simple and satisfying, and in some ways they’re the modern/new equivalent to e-cigarettes, but the potential to be much more is all ready present in the online and in-store vape world.

Currently, A gravitation towards smaller, compact, discreet and simpler devices have made a comeback. With the interest in portable vaporizers, there’s been a massive surge in closed-pod systems like STLTH, ASPIRE BREEZE 2, JUSTFOG MINIFIT, SMOK INFINIX, SMOK NOVO and many many others.

So Just What Are Pod Systems?

Pod systems are e-cigarettes that make use of a “pod” as opposed to a traditional tank or atomizer. They do the same job they hold the e-liquid and vaporize it to deliver vapor to you through the mouthpiece. Usually with a much smaller capacity than most tank systems, at between 1ml and 2 ml, although some pods are much bigger! The pods simply push or into place in the top of the device and pull out when you’ve emptied them or want to change up the flavours.

The rest of the device is similar to any other e-cigarette. The batteries are small in comparison to mods, usually having capacities of around 300 mAh, but they can be much more than this in some cases.

There is some variation between different pod systems. The for example is really the archetypal pod system, with a rectangular, that looks like a USB stick. Hence why SMOK Infinix and the STLTH have followed with this convenient ergonomic design but other options like the Aspire Breeze 2 look more like little box mods, and others like Aspire Cobble look more like a smooth beach pebble!! In most cases, these mods have auto operation so you just inhale from the tip to vape the desired amount in the same way you would to smoke a cigarette.

Different systems!!?? Open Pods vs. Closed Pods

The pods themselves that give the devices their name can either be “open” or “closed.” A closed pod works like a Cartomizer for a Cigarette like device it comes loaded with e-liquid and it isn’t refillable, so you just throw it away when it’s done. This has the benefit of being easier to use however there is a downside being that your choice is limited when it comes to flavours. You have the only options of what the company of the device used has available.

An “open” pod is refillable, similar to an ordinary tank, so you can put whatever e-liquid in it you like. This adds a lot of flexibility options to open pod systems, but it’s worth noting that they still can’t really cope with higher vegetable glycerin e-juices. It’s best to use higher propylene glycol blends that have fairly high nicotine levels. You can still get a good vape with lower-nicotine juices, but there is less vapour produced from pod systems so more nicotine is a better approach. the standard 70% 30% VG/PG will be sufficient however a lower VG will be better for the pods, We suggest a 50/50 or less for juice or Nic Salts


So What Are The Benefits of Pod Systems

So why would you want to try a pod system e-cigarette? What are the benefits of pod systems in comparison to traditional types of vaping device? Here are some great benefits for you to review.

  • Compact. Pod systems are much more compact than most modern vaping devices, which make them a great choice. There is slight variations in the size of pod systems, but even the bigger ones are more compact than most mods. The pen style are closer in size to a E-Cigarette .
  • Easy to use. Really easy to use. The pods simply pop in and out of the battery section, all you need to do is inhale to vape. and if it is an open pod you will also need to refill the pod from time to time but hey no problemo.
  • Affordable. The cost does vary, but on the whole they’re pretty affordable. They’re cheaper than most of the mods on the market, although in many cases a similar price to vape pens.
  • Satisfying. Despite their size being more in line with E-Cigarette, pod systems are much more satisfying to vape. Especially if you’re using higher-strength e-liquids or high strength nic salts. With a high-strength e-liquid, you’ll find them as satisfying as most mods.
  • Discreet. Sometimes you want something more discreet to vape, Pod systems are perfect for this. Even if you use mods at home, getting a pod system for vaping out and about for sure has definite benefits. 

    Are there Any Downsides of Pod Systems

    Yes there are a few! Please note that Pod systems aren’t right for everyone. Depending on what you’re looking for from your vaping experience, It might not make them perfectly suited to your needs. Here are a few points for you to review. 

    • Small batteries. The small batteries make pod systems compact, but this can be a downside if you want something you can vape with for longer sessions. Some pod systems do have higher-capacity batteries, but in most cases they are quite small. If you’re using a lower-strength e-juice, power will run out quite quickly.
    • Higher nicotine level e-juices. Pod systems work better with higher-nicotine e-liquid / Nic Salts. This isn't a problem however there are restrictions on nicotine levels, depending on where you reside.
    • High-VG e-liquid doesn’t work too well. Many e-liquids on the market today have fairly high quantities of VG, and these don’t perform particularly well with pod system devices. This is easy to avoid, but it is a limitation for the pod system for sure.
    • Not great for clouds. If you’re a cloud-chaser?? Then a tank for sure is the way to go. You can then have a high VG option for the FAT clouds!!!!
    • Closed systems offer limited flavour options. If you’re using a closed pod system device, you’re stuck with the flavours on offer from the manufacturer. For some devices it can be quite limiting.

      So Are Pod Systems Right for You?

      This is the question for you?? And that is whether pod systems are the right choice for you. I hope this information has helped you with the final decision. After checking the pros and cons, you should have a good idea of whether Pod systems are the right choice for you. Would you like to be discreet with a compact device? if so then it’s well worth considering a pod system. Or are you looking for that show stopping fat cloudy room filler? If so then for sure Tank based systems are the way to go. Pod systems are just as satisfying as bigger devices when paired with the right juice And the perfect transition option for a just-switching smoker or anybody looking for something simple and portable.

      And remember if in doubt give us a shout!! We are hear for you and always here to help. 



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        How many refills can you do with one pod?

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        I quit smoking cigarettes withe the open pod minifit by just fog. Haven’t wanted a cigarette since – yucky

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