Wotofo Prebuilt Fused Coils (Juggernaut, single core, dual core, triple core, quad core, braided) 10pcs/bottle

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Wotofo Prebuilt Fused Coils (Juggernaut, single core, dual core, triple core, quad core, braided) 10pcs/bottle (In stock at Toronto, Ontario, Canada Location)

✓✓✓ SagaVape.com VERDICT: New 2019 PHENOMENAL!! Everything you need!! A game changer!! Wotofo Prebuilt Coils are known to  provide best flavor. A MUST HAVE!! You will not go wrong with The Wotofo Prebuilt Fused Coils 10pcs/bottle ✓✓✓

Coil jig is included. Get it for your RDA/RTA/RDTA to bring the pure taste and enjoy DIY fun. 10pcs in a glass bottle.


**Coils Info**

1. What is a clapton coil?

A standard Clapton coil is a thinner gauge wire tightly wrapped around a thicker gauge core. Claptons have a slower ramp up time than round wire builds, but are considered more flavorful due to their increased texture and surface area. They can be made suitable for MTL vaping, but are typically more popular for sub-Ohming.

The original Clapton coil was conceived by ECF veteran mrdee3 while watching his friend playing guitar. He created it by winding a 32-gauge strand around a 24-gauge core using an electric drill. It looks just like a guitar string and the name pays tribute to the guitarist Eric Clapton.

  • Clapton coils come in a wide array of resistances; from sub ohm to above one ohm
  • Claptons are available in diameters and resistances for most build decks on rebuildables (RDA and RTA)
  • Available in power mode (mainly Kanthal, SS, or nichrome) or temperature control wire types (mainly in SS)
  • Claptons will normally have lower ramp up times than single-strand wire of the same resistance, but this is highly variable
  • Moderately difficult to DIY, but attainable with practice and the proper tools

2. What is a fused Clapton Coil?

A fused Clapton is a thinner gauge wire wrapped around two or more thicker gauge cores. The multiple cores give fused Claptons a faster ramp up time and arguably better flavor than non-fused Claptons, due to the increase in surface area.

The term “fused” refers to the process of wrapping multiple wires together with thinner outer wire. A fused Clapton is essentially a parallel build that’s been “Claptonized.” Most multi-strand coils like aliens are also fused together in a similar fashion. The concept originated from a builder known as Squidoode, and it was popularized by people like Twisted Messes.

  • Fused Claptons come in an array of resistances for both MTL and DL vaping
  • Fused Claptons are available in diameters and resistances for most modern build decks
  • They are comprised of a thin wire wrapped around two or more thicker parallel cores
  • Fused Claptons generally have a faster ramp-up time than standard Claptons of the same resistance
  • They are slightly more difficult to make than a regular Clapton coil, but relatively easy once you have mastered the Clapton

3. What is an Alien/ Alien Clapton Coil?

An alien Clapton, usually referred to as an alien, is a de-cored Clapton, wrapped around a multi-strand core. It is similar to a fused Clapton, except the outer wrap has a very distinct texture. Aliens have a slower ramp-up time than fused Claptons due to their larger surface area.

The textured outer wrap is achieved by building a regular Clapton, then carefully removing the inner core. Then, it’s wrapped around a multi-strand core containing the same gauge as the original core that was removed. The first builder to pull this off is known as Blueeyedgoon83.

  • Alien claptons come in low resistances for sub ohm vaping
  • Aliens are thick and require a deck with very large post holes or a clamp-style deck.
  • They are made with a de-cored clapton wrapped around three or more parallel cores.
  • Aliens have a slower ramp-up time than fused Claptons of the same resistance.

4. What is a Juggernaut Coil? 

Juggernaut Coil Characteristics:

  • A good design and a monster coil
  • Very cloud chasing and flavor catching
  • Burn quick




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